Yama-Con Anime & Comic Convention

December 8th – 10th, 2023

The Ramsey Hotel and Convention Center: 3230 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN

Yama-Con is a 3-Day anime convention held annually at the LeConte Convention Center & The Ramsey Hotel & Conference Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!

Yama-Con Anime & Comic Convention is the largest anime convention in East Tennessee held annually in the massive LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge, TN. Now in its 11th year, it has quickly grown in size and scope to welcome thousands of attendees, hundreds of hours of programming, events, and more!

Yama-Con is an annual three-day anime convention with multigenre elements held every December. Yama-Con’s name comes from the Japanese word for mountain, “Yama.”