Alabama organizations

Japan America Society of Alabama

The Japan-America Society of Alabama is an established 501c3 international professional networking organization in its thirty fourth year of operation. JASA welcomes members from all business organizations and individuals that have an interest in expanding U.S. business ventures in Japan or wish to promote a congenial climate for Japanese business in Alabama. They have responded to the many changes that have taken place since they were founded in 1989 and have expanded the organization to embrace opportunities for educational and cultural programming in addition to supporting Japanese business. Their ongoing mission is to provide an avenue for both the American and Japanese people of Alabama to promote friendly personal and professional relationships - all to create a better understanding of each other's people and customs.

Alabama Bonsai Society

The Alabama Bonsai Society was established in 1974 as an educational community dedicated to developing awareness of the art of Japanese Bonsai in central Alabama.

Urasenke Chado Tankokai Birmingham Association

Focusing on the study and practice chado in Birmingham, Alabama, following the Urasenke tradition. Their mission is to deepen the study of chado among the group's members. As well as offering the opportunity to share the tea experience with those who are interested in chado and Japanese culture.

Sumi-e Shibui Chapter of Mobile, AL

The Society was created in New York in 1963 by Professor Motoi Oi to foster and encourage an appreciation of East Asian brush painting. For the initial fifteen years (1963-1978) its annual exhibitions were held in New York City.

Shinkendo of Birmingham

Established in 1988, the Birmingham shibū (支部/branch school) is one of the oldest officially licensed Shinkendo branches in the United States. They are authorized under the International Shinkendo Federation and the International Toyama Ryū Federation.